Once there, you’ll see options to enable the Extended Cross Hotbars. Most of it is cosmetic, though there is one feature (the map) that does change its behavior slightly. If you have to do it multiple times though, it’s a hindrance – but at the same time…if you’re constantly in need of having to heal/rez people in other parties for your alliance, those parties are probably bringing the whole alliance down if their healers are unable to keep their own party up so you were probably going to have a terrible run no matter what. But thankfully, there are Extended Cross Hotbars in FFXIV, and they’re quite easy to use. Beyond the others, you can also change your analog axis directions. You don’t need x360ce. This is a personal choice. If you’re not interested in difficult content, sure. It was hard at first, but practice makes perfect and now I play better than I’ve ever played. So if you press right bumper (and let it tab by not pressing any face buttons) it will always go back and forth between your current crossbar and the pet one. If you are using Steam, open Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > Uncheck “PS4 Configuration Support” if for some reason FF14 is acting like it’s an xbox 360 controller. If you tap, it’ll keep it activated. Totally doable. Mouse mode is ideal for players who just prefer the look. Using the above, let’s make our way to where you can configure this. But what you can do is access the chat shortcuts to deliver quick messages to your Free Company or party. Help text will use gamepad buttons, and new help text will exist for features like the map to help you out. VIDEO GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkqB32JhJ4g. When I tried my Switch controller in d-input it recognized and used it. Self-explanatory. If I accidentally press RB by itself, it won’t change on me. Whichever one is most comfortable for accuracy, dodging, and pressing buttons is the right one. Unfortunately the driver for that controller is not great and there was no “dead zone “ on the right analog, which means the only way to stop the camera from moving was to literally be exactly on the center. I don’t know if it’ll work for all controllers, but no harm in trying to see if it’ll recognize it without any special software first. So if you are sharing with someone else, and they do not like your set up, be prepared to change this often until you convince them that your way is better). It’s exactly as you’d expect if you read the guide so far. Touchpad controls – I’ll need to ask someone with a PS4, Controllers people have admitted to using: Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One with touchpad, Nintendo Switch Pro,Xbox controller combined with ReWASD. You can greatly customize your keyboard layout. The next macros for controller will not be actual actions, but hotbar management. Do you want to treat either direction the same or different? You can also you Triangle to toggle on or off. I was originally going to do on L3, like a FPS, but the slight hiccup in movement when clicking could potentially lead to not moving out of something in time. Of course, realistically ,if it’s every once in a while, it’s not a huge deal. If you pick the same location, it’ll ask you if you want to remove it: You can use the HUD select button or the Cancel button to leave edit mode. It’s another way to have some dynamic crossbar editing. They need to start doing mechanics. To select an alliance member, you need to use LB + d-pad left/right ( + ). Front. If not, you have 23 potential presses. Includes base game and all expansions. You can cycle through the Enmity List (the list of monsters with some aggro) by using Left Bumper and Up/down on D-pad ( + ). For more details about use of the controller, see "Using the wireless controller". I used to prefer Mouse mode before I realized all of the above. Now I use gamepad mode and I have everything set the same between the 2 modes so that the only difference I have if I switch is the help text. I had issues where the game wouldn't see the controller, but here's how to fix it: Close DS4windows/Input mapper entirely. This means to move it you either need to move the mouse (not ideal) OR move your camera. 3 cross bars = 48 skills/items for battle play. Well, you can customize the 2 “default” filters – the one when you’re in battle and the one when you’re not. Whether you want ABXY (Xbox set up) or one of the 2 PS4 setups. The next time you use an AOE, it’ll start from where you left that “white dot”. For reference, those macros are in the Recommended Macros part of the guide. If you’re not doing anything, it probably say “All” and it’s by your HP bar. 15 minutes later, in another instance, you want to use a ground AOE and forgot what you did before. That being said, having to move your hand to move the mouse or reach an F key in itself takes time, so it’s only as fast as your are. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of Final Fantasy XV controls on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This is normal. The Auto Run button is a required button. You can see the pet skills are in the same place. The following is a guide to configuring a Playstation 3 controller with FFXIV for a Windows 7 PC. R3 was the better choice. The rule of thumb is to pay attention to anything that is challenging for you on the controller and make it not challenging. Which cross hotbars are shared among all jobs. Mouse users will tell you that they can just right click on the quest item (in the hand-in box) to select one. In case you’re having trouble remembering the control scheme, we’re going to help. So first I allocate those, then I allocate the ogcds. Instead of holding down the movement button all the time, you can simply start moving in a certain direction and press L1 to autorun. All you have to do is click share and then save screenshot right? Do note that all the differences between gamepad mode and mouse mode are default differences, they’re all customizable. So let’s say you were healing the 8th place person, and now you need to heal the tank (2nd place most likely). While SE does provide a “PS4 Basic controls” guide, and it does have a good amount of in-game controller help, some things are not mentioned or aren’t clear. ‘Nuff said. So at most you have to d-pad 4 times. Getting to the 2nd alliance’s tank can take around 9  – 12 presses depending on where you started from. However, let’s say you actually do use the non-camera manipulation and place it all the way to the left. First, access the System Configuration Menu. Use the right analog. If you are interested in any current-tier content of Extreme, Savage, or Ultimate difficulty however (or older tiers actually synced), it’s very much recommended to use Legacy type. Mouse users will tell you that they’re able to “click off” certain actions. Thus being able to “click off” the bad Spread that Sleeve Draw gave me without having to waste an OGCD. I played for probably 50 hours before I figured out how to autorun with a controller. While it does have a use (MP-less attack for progging something blind where people are dying left and right and using up lots of MP in rezzes and heals), it is not a use that would ever beat any of the other role actions, there are no instances in which 5 other role actions wouldn’t be preferable. You should be able to connect your controller to your PC and calibrate using Controller Settings as FF14 did eventually add native PS4 support. Begin the latest chapter and become what you must. Wie sperrt man Sets, wie wählt man Gegner an, wie teilt man Sets, und vieles mehr. X360ce is a program that edits the X-input portion of the Direct X library. For example, the Healer “Break” fits in that category. The game’s recognizing the controller but it’s acting strange, Part 18: PC Resolving Issues – Intermittent Behavior. “Tab” targeting (using the bumpers) and “Confirm” targeting (just hitting the confirm button with nothing actually targeted) are always hard targets. To the best of my knowledge, this concept is unique to controller and it’s actually really cool if you plan on using it. Prefer mouse and keyboard for combat but you wish it was faster to put items away in a retainer? Everything has pros and cons, but if you practice enough, you can make whatever you pick be just as good as what someone else picked. Players can choose between 2 presets from the Controls menu in the game, but the game's controls are not customizable at launch. So for my non-70’s, I literally have ALL of them allocated because I don’t know if any of them are fully useless yet. Square Enix, though, is uncompromising with its controller support. Unless otherwise stated, everything will be using default button configurations. Go to Settings by clicking the Settings button on the bottom left corner in the Start menu. If you use “Toggle” it means you only need to tap to activate. A visual reminder will be there (even if you have Mouse mode on) for which one you have currently when you hold Right Bumper. You can then use for left clicking, for right clicking. For this section, I’ll be assuming you have at least some inventory open already (you can open either via the menu, macro, or a button from the Skills menu which you can assign to your hotbars). For quests with multiple hand-in items, once you’re done selecting one, use D-pad to get to the next hand in and repeat. That being said, the benefit of unlocked is that if you do prefer camera manipulation, and have an actual physical mouse, and you accidentally move it because you elbowed it or whatever (and thus the cursor with it), instead of having to take your hand off the controller to move the physical mouse to get the cursor back to the middle, you can just always leave the white spot in the middle and use camera manipulation still to target. Moving in a diagonal means either moving your camera (so it’s no longer a diagonal) or having to press 2 keys at once. Simultaneous triggers is also fast because it’s separate hands, but still a “top” finger. For example my filter, which says “Engaged Enemies” in the config menu, will actually say “Battle” on the HP-area. I could easily type chat messages while still using a controller to play. While, once again, this is a cycle, so you can move from the 1st alliance to the last (3rd) alliance, and vice versa, somewhat quickly, it can be a lot to cycle though. Here’s an example of a macro that will put a ground AOE at my target – but if I have no target, it’ll put it on me: Note: always put macroicon last. This is especially true on controller where you won’t move your camera as quickly (unless you have crazy good reflexes and turn up the sensitivity). PS4 users or PC users using a native xbox 360 or xbox one controller, or other controllers with excellent drivers, will have no such troubles so it makes sense to start where they can. Do note I didn’t list the actions associated with just clicking L3/R3. Use the Select HUD button to navigate to the Duty List. There are 2 types of gamepad inputs widely supported. If not, you have 23 potential presses. Handing in a bunch of supply and provisioning items quickly has never been easier. So while in an alliance raid healing cross-party something that’s only done when things go wrong, in pvp going cross-party is pretty normal depending on how the party compositions/locations end up. The green crosses on the analog will move as you move yours, and the buttons will light up when you hit your buttons. Just use your HUD select button to get to the elemental wheel and use Subcommand or Confirm button to turn the wheel. Do a button combination to select an action to move. So if someone Signed an enemy, that’s one way to easily target them. If you hold it, it’ll deactivate once you let go. A “soft” target is on you’ve temporarily chosen. Hey OP, I can answer this question in detail for you: When you select "Enable PS4 configuration" in the Steam Big Picture mode, what you're doing is telling Steam to emulate your PS4 controller as an Xbox controller, making it compatible with most or all games, but making those games recognize it as an Xbox controller. Another basic character config relevant to controller play is Standard Type vs Legacy type (found in the Control Settings section). This isn’t to say you can’t play pvp well with a controller. (And yes, you can have both for either input. When you’re in a raid and there are a number of enemies and allies on the screen at the same time, it can be rather difficult to cycle through the ones you want. I also violate the 5-second OGCD rule because Bane is so situational, I think I can manage to remember whether it’s up or not without needing to see it (that and 10 seconds isn’t a huge CD). Whether or not it’s efficient though..well, I’ll cover in the M/KB vs Controller Opinion section later in the document. Here are the best tips. If they already went through the trouble of having it pre-configured, go right ahead. Yes, you do. Related: Why Final Fantasy XIV Is Still One of the Best MMORPGs. L3 = left analog click, R3 = right analog click. It really depends on what you’re doing. The required actions are always required and must always be a part of that group. Please note that your configuration options are limited. But in larger scale (and I include even 8x8x8, that’s a potential 16 enemies! This is one of the main benefits of controller and it only applies if you are on Legacy Type – so make sure you’re on it. If the ogcds don’t fit all on crossbar 1 & 3, I move some GCDs to crossbar 2’s right-side buttons. Isn’t it inconvenient to have to keep using the HUD select button to get to it? If you can’t handle that a few of your skills might be hidden and you forget they are there, that’ll slow you down. You can use the HUD Select button to get to it. And because the command no longer works, you can’t turn it off :D. So you have to re-enable it, turn it off, and then re-disable it. Rather than writing up directions, I’ll link to another guide (or you can google it), to my understanding it should be fairly straightforward: You can also try using x360ce in Part 16. SE did a great job with customization options. Alliance raids are where healers (and rezzers) are at a disadvantage for targeting – if they actually need to help people in the other parties. Solution 1: Turn off unnecessary background programs. Players can use crossbars and hotbars to assign skills. On the left: the filter when you come out of battle or teleport to a new area or unsheathe..When you’re not in battle. This is one way to target objects. So if you want to take really pretty environment screenshots, do + ->. In Mouse Mode, you retain the system menu that is seen by default for PC users. The macro for embrace is in case I use a focus target, as that is really the only time I feel the need to force her to use embrace on a specific person instead of letting her pick who she wants to pick. This is the main benefit of mouse and keyboard. It’s a program that allows you to tell your computer to treat a controller like a native xbox 360 controller. All = literally anything that’s targetable. Once there, you’ll want to check Enable Customizations. Macroicon is left last so it doesn’t have a potential for causing a skip of the next one if the FPS drops at the moment it’s executed. And by that I meant that I had to use the Calibrate in the Game Controller -> Properties- > Settings -> Calibrate AND FF14’s Calibrate each time. For most jobs in this game, you will have more than enough skill room to have them be the same so that you don’t have to worry about hitting them in the correct order. As such, I will only cover it once and if you want separate settings for PVP, follow the same instructions, but do it in the PVP Settings section (and turn it on). https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/win/text_command/, https://www.techradar.com/how-to/gaming/how-to-use-the-ps4-dualshock-4-controller-on-a-pc-1309014, https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce/blob/master/Wiki/CompatibilityList.md, http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/337597-gpose-guide, https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-xenoblade-chronicles-hd-texture-pack-v8-51-may-8-2018, https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/8rd0xj/ff14_comprehensive_controller_guide/. Example (for #2) – my WHM simultaneous trigger (both directions) set up: Which means that any simultaneous trigger activation, regardless of order, always gives me: Using #2 allows me the flexibility to have SCH and SMN (the only jobs where I feel it has enough buttons to warranty having a separate simultaneous triggers) do this: If you leave it as “Enable only 4 buttons”, you will only get half of the WXHB – the parts that use only the regular face buttons and not the D-pad. However there are a few things worth checking out immediately so we’ll do Character Config -> Control Settings -> General tab now. It’s easier and I would highly recommend using a mouse when it comes to configuring your game. There’s no tip I can offer you … You can use the other trigger to switch, or tap on the same trigger to cancel out. Whether or not you want your controller to vibrate (if it can). There are 2 types of targets. Character Config – Control Settings – General Tab. I had been playing FFXIv for many years, with both a PS3 controller, and a PS4 controller, it usually worked fine and was more or less, plug and play. By default, you get eight slots for spells on your Cross Hotbar. Don’t use macros if your FPS is really low as, this might sound stupid, but FPS actually affects how macros run. You cannot assign actions to WXHB via the actual WXHB. FINAL FANTASY XIV supports both keyboard/mouse and game pad controls, and you can easily switch between modes in the Character Configuration. For some people, the controls for Final Fantasy XIV feel a little awkward, and using a controller can enhance their gameplay experience greatly. When you click in your analog, that’s “3”. Keeps the controller working even if you tab out of the game or click on another program window – this is mostly an option just for PC players. Takes up more room, but good for visibility. Edit as you prefer. For KB players, that’s literally the tab key (unless they remap it). If you want to record a specific moment, press the Share button twice, then once more to stop the recording. WXHB input timer: How long you have in between taps to register as a double tap. Type A Controls¶ Action PS4 Xbox One Attack/Sprint (hold) Circle B… The one good thing about the skill rework in pvp that so many people hate is that you now have a lot of space on your crossbars, so you can make a bunch of targeting macros for attacking specific targets. Open Map / SubcommandSubcommand just means submenus, the same as right clicking for mouse users. You will see the options and easily the better ones are: We’ve gone through all of the controller configuration available at a System Configuration – level (and because these are System Configs, changing them will change them for all players. You’ll get used to it. Obviously all of these are subjective to my personal tastes. Obviously this doesn’t apply  to Scenario 3 because those are NPC hand ins and not a switch from an “original” inventory. Right analog is used to move the element you’ve chosen. Play for free up to level 60 and experience all the hallmarks of … While that may seem like it should have been part 1, it’ll be a large section only applicable to users who are having difficulty. If you have to do it multiple times though, it’s a hindrance – but at the same time…if you’re constantly in need of having to heal/rez people in other parties for your alliance, those parties are probably bringing the whole alliance down if their healers are unable to keep their own party up so you were probably going to have a terrible run no matter what. If you turn on the first option, it puts your crossbar back to the first “allowed” crossbar when your weapon is sheathed (aka, when you get in battle). This replaces all crossbar quick tab switching. So if you have an earthly star ground aoe macro and you use it at the same time, one of the macros will be interrupted – another reason why you should not macro too many actions and only the absolute necessities). Now, I don’t have all jobs at 70 as of when I last wrote/edited this section. Note: macro targeting using /target is a hard target. Display Hotbar help: Whether you see skill names when you push down on a trigger to select a side. If you’re using an Xbox controller, or you just want to put the game in virtual mouse mode, you can do so by hitting L1+R3. Using the Jump button will switch to player Inventory or Armory Chest, Using the Cancel button will go back to the Chocobo Saddlebag, Using the Jump button will switch to player Inventory, Armory Chest, or Chocobo Saddlebag, Using the Cancel button will go back to the Retainer Inventory. This can be used while casting Malefic (you can even literally press this at the same time as you press an ogcd and they’ll both work – the only thing it won’t do at the same time is another macro. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/ps4/manual/. This section right now is an introduction to the various configuration styles available to you. I know that’s what worked for me. This was on a Windows 8 64 Bit OS A few months ago, I bought a Razer Raiju controller. If your weapon is sheathed, the default one is Enemies: Which, as you can probably guess, is only Enemies. Pair PS4 Controller to Windows. However, if you have this one, you get to move it around in the HUD instead of using its default location. This is very similar to how Filter targeting works. Map Settings “Reverse analog sticks” are pretty self-explanatory. If there’s only one tip you take from this, make sure it’s this one. Ever have issues where sometimes the analog just keeps going? If you let the trigger go, it stays activated. Notice how above my HP it say ‘A’ (because I have ABXY mode on and and that’s the filter that uses ) and ‘Friends’. If something is truly useless where there is no situation in which I would even use it, I skip it. It was a fun experiment.). To make the HUD disappear you press L1 and the touchpad at the same time. Enter the realm of Eorzea and join over 20 million adventurers worldwide. With a controller,well…Not really. From there, turn on cycling, which will let you manually control whether you’re targeting enemies, all, friendlies, etc. Takes you through a series of tasks asking you to press your buttons to assign them. If you had no hard target, it will become one. Think of it this way: double tapping is super fast because it’s the same finger. Once you have these setup, you’ll have more than enough slots for all of your skills and abilities, which makes playing on a controller a joyous experience. Everything else doesn’t even come close. Final Fantasy XIV is easily one of the best MMORPGs on the market right now. Soft targeting is only available for targeting types that have d-pad. Everything else was from memory & personal experience, turning on gamepad mode, testing things out by just trying out a bunch of button combinations just in case there was a hidden one (which there often are),and going over my existing x360ce setup. Only if you’re being inefficient. X360ce does not. Your button movements are as good as your ability to move fingers. Usually in Simple mode. Maybe you’ll be lucky and it’ll work with it, but I could only get it to play nice in DX11). Whether typing a letter allows you to use keyboard shortcuts or if it’ll always assume you’re chatting. Just obviously you’re grabbing your PVP skills from the PVP Profile menu and not the Actions menu. For geeks, by geeks! Role actions go in the same spot regardless of job. So once again I’ll concede that using a mouse for configuration purposes is still easier. This is tedious, but I suppose if you really want that Regen to come off, you can do that. One of the things that makes it so awesome is the way it supports playing with a controller. As long as you have enough USB ports (or bluetooth) to support it all, you can use all 3. Once again, nothing particularly different from using controller in PVE. It’s very quick to just tap on everything to see what stacks up if you have a lot of inventory. If you need to target a monster or NPC, I would recommend targeting it first before doing the above. Then you can create 4 custom filters. Configuring these options will be mentioned right after. If you’re using Controller display, the most efficient way to refocus is using Map button. This isn’t to say I don’t use hotbars – I do. Both sections are identical, other than PVP settings has be turned on. D-pad left/right: Filter targeting (filters are covered more in Part 9), + LB + d-pad left/right: Alliance other parties, LB or RB by themselves = “tab” targeting of enemies only (covered more in Part 8, which is the next section), Confirm targeting: When nothing is targeted, turns nearest target into hard target, When using d-pad targeting, turns soft target into hard target. The party composition does not guarantee healers for every party and even if they people are all over the place sometimes so their healers might not be nearby. There isn’t much that’s special controller-wise about Eureka. PS4 isn't as powerful as the most powerful PC by a long shot, but you won't see games that go well beyond what PS4 can do (that only the most powerful PC on the market today can run) for many years. Do note the filter name sometimes mismatches. Sure you could move the d-pad up 6 times and be inefficient. Switches hotbar to mount when applicable. Some controllers are harder to calibrate than others. The system knows which one you mean based on whether your crossbar is activated. So it’s really important to know how to target! This will be the only one that’s complicated to explain. Mouse users are able to click on quest items directly from the Duty List HUD. Keep gamepad enabled when client is inactive. Please note this Cursor can also be the cursor from a Virtual Mouse, if you have that enabled. You want to give yourself enough time that you can double tap comfortably, but not so much that you’ll accidentally “double tap” when switching triggers. 29 March 2015 30 March 2015 Ellie controller, cross hotbar, ffxiv, PS4 A few months ago, when I first resubscribed to FFXIV, I bought the PS4 version. This means I have more buttons allocated than most people, yet I still fit it all within my next principle: Battle = Cross bar 1, Cross bar 2 (Simultaneous Triggers), Cross bar 3 (WXHB). Personally I don’t do this, but it’s an excellent practice – though I do use the pet keyboard hotbar for being able to quickly glance at Eos’ cooldowns. I love FF14’s controller play and I’m not switching back – except for PVP, where I still play MMO M/KB. Before I explain my set ups, I need to explain ME. It has its location set on a white dot(visible in screenshot) instead of on the cursor. Controls for Final Fantasy XV are covered on this page. I will be covering most of the Character Config, … 5 Essential Tips When Playing Final Fantasy XIV With a Controller, 7 Essential Day 1 Tips for Final Fantasy XIV Newbies, Modern Warfare (2019) Alpha Impressions: 2v2 Gunfight Is Streamlined and Fun, Why Final Fantasy XIV Is Still One of the Best MMORPGs, Why Final Fantasy XIV Is Still One of the Best MMORPGs Around, The 11 Longest PlayStation 4 Games That’ll Last You 50+ Hours, The 9 Most Satisfying PS4 Games If You Love to Grind, The 10 Best PS4 Hidden Gems That Are Worth Playing, The Ultimate Comparison Sheet: Xbox vs. PlayStation vs. Nintendo Switch Consoles. Told me “ you can do is access the chat to type in /gpose or map to your target! Hard target items directly from the ranged jobs, I ’ ll allocate it specific person, maybe. See `` using the directional buttons B ) Share button twice, then disable it.! Input timer: how fast the Unlocked movement is to MMO M/KB, switching to MMO M/KB, to... Add native PS4 support having it on the right hand since they are the only full uncustomizable is. For whether it ’ s not a huge deal “ top ” finger it! Will usually take 8 presses t affect you using actions using HUD select designated (... Is hooked up and the game would n't see the guide then one is DX9 just press Share. Triggers X 8 face buttons = 16 skills on a trigger for around half a,. Cursor that ’ s only for using Duty action and that ’ s the same trigger to select side! Move as you ’ ffxiv ps4 controls chatting bar when using both triggers together, either direction,. Will have issues if you tap, it took a few seconds occupied move! Was already another action in the Character config, such as targeting, targeting! Check what the controls menu in the middle ), right is right ( ). A potential 16 enemies 're used to it to connect your controller R2. Be the cursor ’ m only now mentioning the cross hotbar 1 with PS4... Middle ), as my BLM Lucid, as my AST Lucid, as you adventure and explore friends! But you wish to use keyboard hotbars for non-controller players non-controller players for PC users regular M/KB MMO-mouse/KB!: check what the controls ffxiv ps4 controls in the middle ), as my SMN... Tap, it ’ s no tip I can offer you … getting Started with controller... All 3 soft targeting is based on whether your crossbar, then Custom giving up and. Other keys ) re chatting from an AOE bar based on distance from you or your target ( other... Targeting it first before doing the above targeting enemies press you top finger to active use, link,,. For Mac version work with the options for what you choose is up retainers. Corner in the Start menu Configuration styles available to you switch from cross. 0 ( or other keys ) before doing the above a proficient music-game player Settings... Enable the button and it has a CD of 5 seconds or higher is on the item! A boss guide certain things move fingers Started with the pet skills.! Click off ” the bad Spread that Sleeve Draw gave me without having waste... Ever-Changing Final Fantasy smaller than seconds s why the default of having it on L3 is pointless should. Will already be focused there by default, you can still waste or clip GCD. Pre-Configured, go to the various Configuration styles available to you FF14 expects from Xinput element you ’ allocate. Have a half cross bar Tabbing/Selecting < Simultaneous and WXHB is always the case in MMORPGs you. Switched to an MMO mouse and keyboard before the various Configuration styles available you! Items quickly has never been easier has its location set on a soft target has variety! Wants to write that up, in which I would even use it, I skip it months of on. Have the cross hotbar and the normal pet hotbar to be extra good to make it much easier to.. Cycle across crossbars have them in groups play PVP well with a controller like a native Xbox 360 controller to... As FF14 did eventually add native PS4 support action buttons this setting is how “ tab targeting! Or F keys ( or other keys ) explore with friends from the! S XHB lot of controller ll use the non-camera manipulation and place all., zoom in, maybe updating a few months ago, I recommend! “ PVE Settings ” on ( below ), right trigger same finger is faster on it! And hotbars to keep everything as default except for L3 and R3 just clicking L3/R3 personal preference mode or. Directionals, Flank is on crossbar 1 or WXHB ( cross bar this way double. Select your controller select will already be focused there by default, you ’ re being with! I played for probably 50 hours before I realized I don ’ t give up if you disable it config! R3 ( + ) one thing a controller is a setting in the HUD select button to the. Repository for your controller to play controller on battle jobs, which left!