The casting date is on the rear of the carrier, towards the top on the driver’s side. The gear set was installed in a carrier, also referred to as a “pumpkin” that could removed from the front side of the axle assembly as a complete unit. Engine parts and information for the Chevy 327 V8 such as horsepower and firing order. Starting in 1965, the axle code and date are stamped on the front of the axle tube on the passenger’s side. Edited by Warren Leunig K: McKinnon 3-speed. Transmissions assembled in July would have a date in the 500’s. The format of the engine code remained the same from 1964 through 1970. Sample 1964 axle code: AB1202 I think your mis-reading the stamping. Casting numbers could be used for multiple engine displacements during the same model year. Wagner attended California State University, Los Angeles, and has a degree in journalism. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. The engine date must precede the car build date, otherwise something is amiss. 327 Suffix code I just bought an 62 Impala SS with the engine suffix "HCH." External site for 73-87 pickup (C10/20, K10/20) engines. Drawings by David Kimble.Production of the original small-block began in the fall of 1954, for the 1955 model year, with a displacement of 265 cid, growing incrementally over … Casting numbers for 1962 to 1965 models generating 250 to 375 horsepower is 3782870; 3789817 for 1962 to 1967 models providing 210 to 275 hp; 3791362 for 1964 to 1967 models with 250 to 300 hp; 3814660 for 1968 to 1969 models with 250-hp engines; and 3830944 for 1963 models with 300 hp. The engine assembly stamp (aka, "engine code") identifies the engine assembly plant, assembly date, and engine application suffix code and was stamped by the engine plant. An engine code, and below it is the partial VIN. Your email address will not be published. His experience ranges from legal affairs reporting to covering the Middle East. GM body designation. Driver’s side of main case on machined surface for side cover, bottom right. The 327 engine in my Corvette contains the following number sequences: 6122891 F0518HE. Your source for Impala, Caprice, Belair and Biscayne information. Axles were assembled at either Buffalo (code B) or Detroit Gear and Axle (code G). 04 – 4th day of the month The 64 and 65 409 blocks, used a date code that stated the day of the year the block was cast. P8T03   1968 Muncie 4-speed assembled on December 3rd. The location of that code was behind the distributor on L6 engines and in front of the passenger’s side cylinder head on V8’s. For example, transmissions built early in the model year in August and September would have a date code in the 200’s where as those built after January 1st would start from 366. Suffix codes are R, RA, S, SA, RB, K, SB and SG, with each suffix denoting the type of carburetor, transmission and whether the Chevy is equipped with air conditioning. The full code is TO114HCH. E: McKinnon Powerglide Block Codes A-January B-February C-March Etc. The prefix portion of the ID code tells you the engine assembly plant code, and the engine’s assembly date (for example, 0701 = July 1st….no year is indicated). Suffix codes provide more granular data, "this is a 283 CID V8 assembled for a 1964 Chevy II with 4-speed transmission and air conditioning." First letters of "F," "S," "K" or "T" denotes Flint, St. Catherines, Ontario or Tonawanda, followed by month/day/year of build and the suffix code. VF292800 - is an example of a over the counter crate engine. P0301   Muncie 4-speed assembled on March 1st. It is located on a machined pad on the engine block. Rob Wagner is a journalist with over 35 years experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. The 855632136 hilited 5 is likely an S as it's probably a Corvette engine from St.Louis. Suffix codes (and the engine ID number they are with) were stamped on the assembly line by the workers. Engine Code Stamping Numbers All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date and suffix code. Quickly, A = Chevelle, F = Camaro, X = Nova. The transmission code consisted of the type of transmission and the date it was assembled. 04 – April For all transmissions except the TH400, these are the transmission type codes used. The final digit could be a year code. 1. BB 3.36 non posi assembled at Detroit All other blocks used a Month, Day, Year format. Decoding small block Chevy engine suffix codes and stamped numbers: HR … Those engine id codes are: HA 65 327 Impala 250 L-30 4-spd 4-Brl Hyd Cam HB 65 327 Impala 300 L-74 Manual 4-Brl Hyd Cam M – Aug, P – Sep, R – Oct, S – Nov, T – Dec. It might look something like \" The Turbo 400 automatic transmission has the application and date codes stamped on a metal tag riveted to the passenger’s side of the transmission case. 1963 SG 327 glide, h/p, a/c - 300 4 cars/Z-28/T/A/B 1963 XE 327 universal service - - cars 1964 CJ 283 man 3 spd, A/C - - - Kingswd All these are identified here. The casting number on this engine is 3858180. This drawing is of the 1967 version of the 302 cid Chevrolet. Engine identification may be determined by finding the engine block VIN and the engine application code in the following tables. All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date and suffix code. For V8's the pad is a forward extension of the passenger-side engine block at the bottom of the forward end of the head. Engine Codes Reserved for Use With MA6 Heavy-Duty Clutch (none known to have been produced): L48 - … IG – 396/325HP engine with Powerglide transmission The rear axle casting date uses the fame format as the engine casting date. For example, the application code may be CB but in the transmission code itself, only a B will be used. Version: Thursday, 12-Nov-2015 09:33:20 EDT. CG 396 engine (with 2.29:1 axle) Information and engine specs on the Chevy 327 V8. Warner 3-speed Examples for 1967-1970 transmission date code format: A – Jan, B – Feb, C – Mar, D – Apr, E – May, H – June, K – July, The assembly code consists of the application code, assembly date and assembly plant. The suffix tells you application, original model, Engine RPO, and HP and transmission that were originally mated to the engine. It was possible to change gear sets simply by swapping the pumpkin. The Code. Instructions on How to Set the Clock in ... "1967 Chevrolet" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: Hugo90 (JOHN LLOYD) under the Creative Commons Attribution license. SC .. 327 .250 ...WCFB 1x4 BC & Powerglide. Passenger’s side of the transmission oil pan. On a Small Block Chevrolet, this stamping code is located on a flat pad in front of the passenger side cylinder head, usually hidden by the alternator. The code consists of an assembly plant code, date of production and suffix. 1202 assembled December 2nd, A sample 1965-1969 rear axle code would look like DH1020B which decodes to the following: On positraction axles, a letter for manufacturer of the posi unit will appear under the assembly code. 1967 saw the first year the 396 V8 camshaft abandoned the grooved rear journal and matching bearing in the engine block in favor of a smooth journal like the 283/327 V8. C: Cleveland Powerglide CF 427 engine (LS1 with 2.29:1 axle) The Julian date in the transmission code started at 1 for January 1st of the start of that model year and continued past 365 until the end of production. The code consists of an assembly plant code, date of production and suffix. CB 427 engine (L36) 1965 Code Number Engine HE 327 Base 250 WCFB 1x4BC & Manual Transmission HF 327 L75 300 AFB 1x4BC & Manual Transmission HG 327 L84 375 FI, Hi-Lift Cam & 4-Speed HH 327 L76 365 Holley 1x4BC, Mech. Through J-October K-November: L-December Block Cast #'s 3858174 - 327 3892657 - 327 3855961 - 427 3869942 - 427 Engine Suffix Codes HE . Manual The same block could appear in both 2-bolt and 4-bolt main configurations, depending on application. W: H.D. CA 396 engine (also 350 engine in 1969) As I said, if it's a 67, and it appears to be by the casting number 3903352, it's a 67 Chevelle 327/275 w/manual transmission engine. The engine pad was stamped with the engine assembly plant, assembly date and application code. Re: Help decode my 1964 Impala SS Engine suffix code ? Small Block Chevy 327 Identification Location. B: Cleveland TH350 Required fields are marked *. Saginaw 3-speed and 4-speed code location. 6Y204760 – partial VIN# from a fullsize Chevy built at Wilmington, DE. K – McKinnon Industries, Canada (L6 and small block V8) When matched to this listing, the suffix code "CSB" is identified as a 1973 400-cubic-inch engine with 175 horsepower, originally installed in a Chevy Caprice. Any camshaft from a 1965 or 1966 396 engine can be used in a 1967 or later block but not the other way around. E 13 5 would be May 13th, 1965. HO . Casting numbers were "cast" when the engine was poured at the foundry. CQ 427 engine (LS1) 1020: Assembled October 20th 6 cylinder engines are stamped on the passenger side of the block behind the distributor. In 1964, the axle code was stamped on the front, right side of the differential carrier housing. Pretty much all transmissions used the same format for the code except the Turbo 400. All I could find in my research was "HC" which indicates a 1965 327 with 275 HP and powerglide. This full transmission code will be found on your Protect-O-Plate if it still with your car. (A – Detroit, B – Buffalo). The 327-2bbl engine was initially the base V8 for Camaro in 1969. The different kinds of codes used will be detailed below. What can be found on the axle housing is the stamped axle code with assembly date, housing casting number and date housing was cast. SK .. 327 250 ...WCFB 1x4 BC, A/C & Powerglide. Muncie 3-speed (69 only), Examples for 1964-1966 transmission code format: It was used in 66, 67, and 68 Chevelles as well as a 327/275hp L30 engine. Reference the engine code to a Chevrolet listing, similar to the one found on the website. T – Tonawanda, NY engine plant SL .. 327 300 ...AFB 1x4 BC, A/C & Powerglide. The casting date on the L6 block is on the right side. FG Police only. ©2014, Full-Size Chevrolet Research Group Here are the engine block casting numbers used for small blocks and big blocks. RU .. 327 365 .. Holley 1x4BC, Hi-Lift, A/C,T/I, Man Tr. 8-327 HDC: HB: 8-396 2 Bar carb: JN: 8-327 T/H: HF: 8-396 2 Bar carb, T/H: JQ: 8-327 4 Bar carb: HI: 8-427 HPE: LA: 8-327 4 Bar carb, P/G: HJ: 8-427 4 Bar carb: LB: 8-327 4 Bar carb, HDC: HL: 8-427 HPE, T/H : LC: 8-327 4 Bar carb, T/H: HM: 8-427 SHPE: LD: 8-427 … Specific numbers identified the time period it was built and its horsepower range. The suffix code for 6 cylinder engines can be found stamped on a pad near the distributor. T: Toledo Powerglide The 327 Chevy engine is stamped on a machined pad on the front passenger side cylinder head usually behind the alternator. C1210   Cleveland Powerglide assembled on December 10th RX .. 327 375 ... FI, Hi-Lift Cam, T/I & Manual Trans. Lifters, & … Continue reading → B: Buffalo axle plant. Powerglide and TH350 code location. All Rights Reserved. Some very early smallblocks from the mid 1950 model years had an Engine Assembly Date which only included the last two digits of the year. The Gridiculous Theme by That is followed by the day of the month it was cast and the year. It is located on the top, rear of the block on the passenger’s side. "2800" is the last 4 digits of the GM part # for the crate engine assembly. The second stamp decodes F for the Flint Plant, May 18 is the engine assembly date and the HE suffix code stands for a 327 ci 300 hp with a manual transmission. HH . On 4- and 6-cylinder engines, the code is stamped on a pad on the passenger side of the block to the rear of the distributor and above the fuel pump. CY 427 engine (L72). It will be a D for Dana, E for Eaton or W for Warner. CD 327 engine Gen I small-block Chevy engine. The casting date is usually less than 30 days before the engine assembly date. The suffix portion tells you the original application, vehicle model, engine RPO/ transmission / horsepower, etc… 1964 Muncie 4-speed code location. 327 .300 . He served stints as a newspaper and magazine editor in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. SD .. 327.300 ...AFB 1x4 BC & Powerglide. The actual application code that would be found on the broadcast sheet and that is also on the tag starts with a C for Chevrolet but the C is omitted in the transmission code. These new 402cid engines can be identified in 1969 by the three letter suffix code. Chevrolet Engine Block Casting Numbers April 12, 2014 Roadkill Customs Technical Info All engines are stamped with an engine ID code, consisting of assembly plant code, production date, and suffix code. Automatic 327 ..300 .. K19 & ManualTrans. Those cases are rare. If you're looking at the engine code - this is already known. H: H.D. It is located on the rear, top left (driver’s side) for all others. V8 codes are stamped on a pad just forward of the right side (passenger) cylinder head. A 3844422 block has been found from a early 65 409/400 motor stamped with the JA engine suffix and Wilmington, DE partial vin. The following is a list of TH400 application codes used only on the full-size Chevrolets. 1964 Engine Application Suffix Codes; ... L36 Police LF LG 427ci/427HP L72 LS LD 327 suffix codes with a letter and number indicate usage of a revised distributor. The 5 in front of the 5(S) is for 1965. For example, 365 would be the last day of the year, December 31st and 1 would be January 1st. Prior to the 10 bolt/12 bolt rear axles that came out in 1965, the axle housing was the same for all ratios. R: Saginaw 4-speed The block casting date was either cast on the top, back of the block or on the passenger’s side between the freeze plugs. In 1968, all V8’s had the partial VIN# stamped on the block. FY Taxi only. Passenger’s side, rear edge of the main case. Decoding the 327 Code. R – Rochester carburetor (Carb designation used only in 66) Some codes are used for more than one model year and some for more than one platform such as Passenger, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova or Corvette. Chevrolet reused (perhaps recycled is a better word) engine suffix codes from one year to the next. Block casting number, example, ... *"A" stamped following suffix when used in 3600 series *"B" stamped following suffix when used in 3800 series ... 327 8cyl w/ Manual Trans (C10,20,30) YR -- 327 8cyl w/ Powerglide (C10,20) Grab these three numbers. However, some can be several months earlier or longer. 69B350  69 TH400 for use with 427 (L36) engine assembled on December 16th. F – Flint, Michigan (L6 and small block V8) My project right now is to take a 327 out of my 1966 Impala and install it, (after rebuild), into a 1984 Monte Carlo SS. Now i've done as much research as I pssibly can on the suffix codes and the only thing I can't figure out is the suffix code HC at the end. The carrier assembly came in both positraction and non-positraction versions. Note: CODE CE was used from 1968 to current year. Y: Toledo TH350 Starting in 1967, the transmission code date format changed. The rear axle is final component of the drivetrain to be covered on this page. The tag has several codes on it, which consisted of the full transmission code with Julian date code, application code, model year and serial number of the transmission. It represents any CID and is used to indicate a Warranty Engine. Powerglide HR ..327 ..300 .. K19 & Powerglide HT . Following the transmission type, was the model year, month and day of the month. Copyright © 2020 327 .300 . The casting number is located on the front of the carrier on the bottom right corner. The letter is the month the block was cast. Around January of 1969 the 327-2 was replaced with the 307-2 as the base V8. The letters used for the month were not the same exact as those used in the engine casting date. Plant-Month-Day-Application suffix code, There were four plants that produced engines for the fullsize cars. Small Block Chevy Suffix Codes: HR - TBS. S: Saginaw 3-speed V8 codes are stamped on a pad just forward of the right side (passenger) cylinder head. 67A509  67 TH400 for use with 396 engine, assembled on May 24th The Chevy small block 327-cubic-inch V-8 engine can be identified by its engine code stamping numbers. Chevrolet Truck Engine Code page under construction. Note: Partial VIN number from Janesville, WI plant. The following will be a table of application codes for the axles used in the full-size Chevrolets. ENGINE CODE STAMPING NUMBER. SW is station wagon. DH: 3.31 12 bolt rear axle with positraction the engine suffix code. The 327 by Chevrolet was produced from 1962 to 1969. From 1964-1967, the partial VIN# on the block was stamped on all engines with at least 300HP. Y9E10   1969 Toledo TH350 assembled on May 10th V8 engine codes are stamped on a pad forward of the cylinder head on the passenger side of the block. 04-03-06 08:33 AM - Post# 909317 In response to mike64impala I did try there and when i searched for the engine suffix code of 'S' i came up with a 1962 327 w/p-glide. This is the reason i'm confused. 1967 Code Number Engine HE 327 Base 300 1x4BC & Manual Transmission HH 327 Base 300 1x4BC, K19 & Manual Transmission HO 327 Base 300 1x4BC & Powerglide HR 327 Base 300 1x4BC, K19 & Powerglide HP 327 Base 300 … Continue reading → Driver’s side of case below side cover. T – Tonawanda, NY (small block and big block V8) 1965 and up Muncie 4-speed code location. Decoded, the first sequence is 6 for the year (66) and then the VIN sequence of 122891. The EA suffix code was used for more years than the 1957 283 and the 65 327/250. Your email address will not be published. P: Muncie 4-speed A is January, B February, C March, I September, L December. On small blocks, the casting date was located next to the casting number. One exception was in 1964 when the first letter of the application code was the plant. CH 427 engine (L36 with 2.29:1 axle) The vehicle identification number is stamped next to the engine code number with model year, plant identification and vehicle serial number. Manual Trans. Multiple casting numbers were sometimes used for the same application in a model year. CM 307 engine etc. It is not uncommon to find an engine suffix code that represents a high horse power big block engine one year; and have the very same engine suffix code represent a low horse power small block engine the next year. On big blocks, it was located between the freeze plugs on the passenger’s side. Suffix codes are listed in alphabetical order by year. V – Flint, MI (small block V8 starting 1967), In the above example: