NOTE: Don’t get me wrong. What Determines a Push or Pull in a Golf Swing?. This idea often gives golfers pause, but excessive forearm rotation toward the target causes the face to shut prematurely. With every golf shot, the ball curves due to side spin. He's coached tour players Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan and Tiger Woods. Golf Fix: Hit a draw with the driver Feel like your hands are moving more around your body--instead of above it--during the backswing. Place your ball in the center or little right of center. I need to get a video to make sure, but these are my mishits. Thanks to a company called TrackMan, which developed a "golf radar" that can record and measure any part of a golf swing and the ensuing ball flight, we now have indisputable science on what produces a draw. 4. November 21, 2012 at 10:27 PM Fixing an outside-in swing starts at the takeaway where you will want to take your club back square instead of back outside. That means if the face is pointing 2 degrees right of your target at impact, the path has to be on a 4-degree angle right of the target line (above). This creates room on the downswing for the desired in-to-out swing path, which is essential to producing a draw. Minimize forearm rotation through impact. With this new mindset, the game became so much easier. Also wrong. Push ++++ A ball whose flight path is straight, with negligible sidespin, that ends … I'm comfortable working the ball both ways, but my go to shot off the tee is a 4-6 yard draw. Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Clive Tucker asks, why do I pull iron shots and provides a series of simple checks to resolve the issue Neil Tappin November 10, 2020 1:25 pm Normally when you set up for a draw, your foot path is pointed to right (if you are rh) and the clubface is closed on the swing line). I've been fixing it by remembering to follow through on the target line and paying attention to not having an overly strong grip (which is what I had for a long time - so much so that my right hand almost laid flat). That's what starts the ball to the right and sets up the draw. By pulling your right foot back a little, it makes it easier to hit it from the inside. Try not to be so hunched over the ball. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. You also might have been told that the path of the club through impact is what determines the ball's initial direction. Here's the first revelation: The starting direction of your shots is overwhelmingly determined by the position of the clubface at impact--not by the swing path. In golf a draw is the name of the trajectory that sees the ball starting outside of the target line after impact but curling in and finishing at the target. For right-handed players it means that the ball shoots right initially only to curl left in the air and land on target. Sean Foley, a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, is ranked among the 50 Best Teachers in America. Please help>. Drop your right foot back an inch or two at address. Path plays a part, yes, as do other factors, such as the amount of spin on the ball and the quality of your lie. ©2020 Acushnet Company. At the time, I was so sick of being frustrated with a draw that this statement made a lot of sense. Download our instruction app from iTunes or Google play Slow down the timing and let the hips start the downswing and hit through the ball along the foot path. My mishit as of late (as in the past two months) has been a pull-hook. Pull Shots - Golf Videos Learning to correct and eliminate your golf pull shots from your game is vital to lowering your handicap and improving your score.